Simple Things you can do to avoid Earwigs

You must have heard of earwigs. Well, the bugs are so creepy that they are becoming the stuff of legends. While it does happen, occasionally, that a bug crawls into your ear, numerous myths about these insects remain unfounded. There is a popular story that earwigs will crawl into your ear, burrow into your brain, where they will lay eggs, and probably make you go insane.

This is not true.

However, earwig infestations in homes and business premises can cause a lot of problems. Well, they will not burrow into your brain and make you go insane. But they will definitely crawl out underneath a tub and probably scare the wits out of an unsuspecting individual who just stepped out of the shower.

Earwigs don’t bite, but they can pinch you. The pinch might not break your skin, and these insects aren’t known to carry harmful human pathogens or bacteria. However, if you have spotted some earwigs in your home, there is a good chance there are other pests that spread diseases and are invading your home too.

Pest infestation in your home can cause disturbance to folks living in the house. Also, hey can be quite scary with their creepy, alien-appearance. In case they invade your garden, they can cause a lot of damage to your plants. To be on the safe side, you should contact a St. Louis pest control expert to help you get rid of earwigs and other pests that might have invaded your home.

Tips to keep earwigs away from your property

The key to ensuring earwigs don’t make their way into your home is by eliminating all moist areas inside and outside the property. Here are more tips.

  • Eliminate all things that attract earwigs from your home. Consider cleaning up any grass clippings, leaf piles, and other things lying on the ground that might provide harborage to earwigs.
  • Inspect the outside of your property and make sure all possible gaps, cracks, and holes are perfectly sealed up.
  • Ensure that your home’s door sweeps make a perfect seal all the way.
  • Ensure that the weather stripping on all sliding doors are in the right working condition.
  • Inspect the entire gutter system and ensure that there are no clogged sections. You should also clean all forms of clogs and repair all damages sections.
  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to keep your home dry.
  • Get in touch with a reliable pest control company for regular inspection and effective pest control.

Earwigs love moisture so much. That means they can invade any moist or humid place. Thus, you will find them underneath lawn clippings, basements, wet leaves, beneath a bed of wet mulch, or even bathrooms. In case there are objects lying on the ground, such as cushions of your lawn chair, or flat rocks, the chances are that earwigs will hang out in these areas. Making sure that they don’t have a conducive environment in your home is an effective way of keeping them out.

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