Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

Tips To Make Bedtime Easier

Many parents feel frustrated at bedtime. Kids resist going to bed or won’t stay in bed once it’s time to sleep. However, bedtime doesn’t have to be a battle. If you plan for your child’s bedtime routine, bedtime becomes a whole lot easier. If you’re trying to make your child’s bedtime easier, why not try these four tips?

  1. Create a Bedtime Schedule
    Kids don’t really understand the concept of time when they’re young. That’s why when you tell your three-year-old that her grandmother will visit in three days, she asks you to explain what that means. (Three more sleeps, anyone?) The same concept applies to helping your child to understand the concept of time at bedtime. Maybe reading a book lasts five minutes. So, you can tell your child you can take five minutes to read a book. Bath time takes 30 minutes. You get the idea. Whatever needs to happen in your child’s pre-sleep schedule can be given a time frame. Once you establish the time it takes for each activity, then order the schedule so it’s the same each time. If it’s an hour before bed, tell your kids it’s an hour before bed. Have them start their regular routine. By the time it’s done, they should understand that it’s bedtime even if they don’t understand the concept of time yet.
  2. Make a Comfortable Sleeping Space
    A child who feels comfortable in their bedroom and in his bed will sleep better. If their bed doesn’t have enough blankets or if they don’t have a comfortable bed, they’re not going to fall asleep very easily. Making sure that their sleeping environment is comfortable means that they sleep better and you fight with them less because discomfort prevents them from getting to sleep.
  3. Security Blankets and Other Comfort Items
    Falling asleep in a dark room feels frightening to many children, especially young ones. Having a comfort item like a blanket and a nightlight can help. To help your child feel more secure (and therefore, readier for bed), add the comfort items to the bedtime routine. For example, if your child sleeps with both a nightlight and a comfort blanket, ask her to put the blanket on her bed and to turn on the nightlight before her bedtime story starts. This helps her feel less afraid and gives her some measure of control over her bedtime schedule.
  4. Add Some Warmth
    TIMEsuggests adding a bit of warmth to the whole bedtime experience. First, you can run a bath for your child. Baths help raise the body’s temperature, which in turn, causes a person to feel sleepy. Second, if your child likes to have a snack before bed, think about having something warm like warmed-up almond milk or some light soup broth. Finally, feeling cold will keep anyone awake. Add some extra blankets to your child’s bed if he/ she tends to get cold at night.

Last Thoughts
The battle of bed is a battle that most parents experience at one time or another. Although bedtime can be frustrating, taking control of your child’s bedtime schedule will help make things easier: The important thing is that you make a routine that your child can follow. This helps her get a sense of time and helps her feel more control, which will cut down on the bedtime battle. This, in turn, makes bedtime a lot easier.

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