Why do organizations need to go for the personality test?

Why do organizations need to go for the personality test?

Employment is one of the major concerns of the 21st century. Every individual wants to be employed, and every employer wants that his employees are the finest individuals in the field. There is a cut-throat competition going in every industry to get employment. In this competition, as an employer how can you make sure that the selected candidate is best suitable for your company? The answer is by conducting a personality test.

Yes, a personality test is one of the handiest evaluation tests which will help you understand the candidate in a better manner. With the mass entries of applications for a particular job, there are tools developed by the experts that can help to find out the right candidate for a particular job. It helps the company to find the most suitable candidate from a lot and that too without going for any trial and error method which can prove deadly for the concerned organization also. There are ample models offered by the experts, and an organization can choose one from them that is most suitable as per the requirement of the job so now you need to know advantages and disadvantages facebook.

A personality test for employment can be used for multiple evaluations such as recruitment, learning and development, employee potentials and enthusiasm for success. The right kind of candidate can be chosen by a personality test. One can evaluate his gestures, postures and natural reactions by talking about various situations. Some employees are accurately talented, but their way of communication is a hindrance in their selection. When a personality test is conducted every aspect of a candidate’s personality is scrutinized and based on that selection is finalized. The learning and development tendency of a candidate can be understood by analysing what areas of the field the candidate are proficient in. Besides, that one can also identify whether an individual is ready to be in the leadership role in the near future. In addition to that, an employer can also understand how much a fast candidate can catch up with the work.

About the structure of the test

The test consists of 80 items, and the duration is limited to 20 minutes. The test is conducted in the English language which makes sure that the candidate has excellent verbal and written English communication skills. If an employer wishes to conduct the test in a language other than English he can contact the test preparation and ask for the test in a particular language. The personality development test is conducted such that it supports the context of Five-Factor Model (FFM). A five-factor model ensures that a candidate certifies the five personality traits each individual must possess. Experts who prepare this test have gone beyond the five-factor model and created 26 scales which narrow down the five traits in 26 natures. These 26 natures are the fundamentals of assessment for an employer.

Five-Factor Model and its Significance

The five traits which are a part of the five-factor model can predict vital employment related information such as performance in the job, the person’s limit to withstand temperamental issues, their grasp if they get to be trained. The five important factors are enlisted below:

Extraversion: A person’s nature whether enthusiastic or less responsive and people loving or solace.

Zeal to learn: A candidate’s nature to get in touch with new experiences or carry on what he is doing.

Emotional Situation: A candidate’s response to a critical situation whether confident and appealing or sensitive and nervous.

Supportiveness: A candidate’s response to fellow professional’s work whether compassionate or unkind. Some candidates are jealous of their colleague’s proficiencies, and hence they try to bring them down. Such kind of behaviour leads to a company’s loss.

Awareness: A candidate’s awareness in the work environment which consists of his choices of organizational skills. Many candidates have an easy approach for the work making them carefree initially and later careless.

Who creates the test and how?

The test is created by the people of Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and this team is associated with APA and EEOC. The test is designed under the guidelines of ATP making sure that fair questions are asked. The questions are interestingly collected from the data that is collected by taking a sample of 2000 people from different age groups, gender, educational background and type of work.

Answers to some common questions

Can a person fake the test scores or responses?

The highest priority is given to the test structure. It is designed in a way that a person cannot fake the responses. The scientific methods are employed to study the input pattern of the candidate’s answers. In such manner, the test panel makes sure that the individual is not faking the responses.

Is it possible to customize and benchmark the score?

Yes, the test results can be customized as per the organization’s requirements. The customized scoring is helpful for an organization because they can particularly highlight the best-analysed aspect in one’s personality.

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What happens when the psychometric projection and actual behaviour differ?

A candidate’s behaviour is the projection of psychological and environmental factors. Hence it is imperative to note that the psychometric projection cannot be considered as the only decisive factor. The reports must be analysed with other aspects of a candidate’s profile meaning there may be some variations.

What industries can use the personality test for employment?

All the industries that are in the business of serving the customers can use the personality test for providing employment. Industries such as Information Technology services can make better use of this test because it is hard to deal with the customers when they are not satisfied with the service. In addition to IT, Banking and Finance industry can make use of this test because IT industries operate on calls while Banking and Finance have to deal with real-life customers. Healthcare is also an important industry which can make use of personality employment test as a lot of people requiring medical attention contact the organizations for their services.

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